Cluster course - cluster management towards cluster excellence

This course will provide an in-depth perspective in relation to cluster management and developing cluster excellence. This is targeted and designed for people involved in cluster organisations, cluster initiatives and those within the policy arena. The course is built to provide cluster excellence and to progress ones knowledge and understanding of this evolving and dynamic field. May 28th untill June 1st at Karlstad University.

The course is delivered by Karlstad University in the county of Värmland. Värmland is a region in mid Sweden that has been working with clusters for close to 14years in a context called the Värmland Model. We will use this success story to explore the current management structures as examples and for reflection.

Once you arrive at Karlstad on Monday until you leave on Friday all necessary practical arrangements are taken care of, this allowing you to focus on the opportunities 100%.

Programme (all is not yet fixed)

The course programme is designed to have both breadth and depth and be engaging of the skills, knowledge and competencies that participants will bring. It will be delivered by experts who combine their skills to ensure that the above aims are achieved. It is an intensive one week programme that brings theory and practice together, with full days which ensures that intergroup communication and sharing is central. The central themes of the course are Clusters and Regions, Cluster Management, Cluster Management Tools, Leadership, Clusters in Action, Marketing and Branding.

Monday May 28th

6.30 pm dinner and guest speaker
9.30 pm end of day

Tuesday May 29th

9 am until 5 pm sessions
7 pm dinner and guest speaker (Regions)
10 pm end of day

Wednesday May 30th

9 am until 5 pm sessions
7 pm dinner and guest speaker (Leadership)
10 pm end of day

Thursday May 31th

9 am until 4 pm sessions
6 pm dinner and guest speaker (Visionary)
9 pm end of day

Friday June 1st

9 am until 1 pm sessions, plenary and evaluation