Competition ‘Czech Innovation 2012’ enters its second year

The goal of the competition – organized by the non-profit organization ČIN Česká Inovace (‘Czech Innovation’) – is to support the innovation potential of companies and individuals, which will help to boost the overall competitiveness of the Czech Republic. Czech Innovation’s projects aim to show that innovation is not something restricted to big companies with extensive R&D facilities; it is an unlimited field of opportunity for individuals, academic institutions, public administration and companies of all sizes to realize their creative potential and transform innovative new ideas into a new, exciting reality.

Innovation is the cornerstone of success for many Czech companies – which is why Czech Innovation has been able to recruit a wide range of leading companies and other institutions (including PwC Czech Republic) as strategic partners. In today’s world, innovation is the most important strategy for many Czech companies, giving them the competitive edge to survive in a difficult economic climate and build their own unique market niche. Success is often dependent on the ability to innovate in a wide range of areas (products, services, processes, communication and more) and to turn fresh new ideas into viable business opportunities. By entering the Czech Innovation 2012 competition, you will be able to raise awareness of your project or success and showcase your company’s innovation potential – as well as inspiring others and sharing your valuable experience.

The deadline for entries is 30 November 2012 – please use the form at

The results of the competition will be announced on 27 February 2013 at the second annual Innovation Festival. The first festival featured over 350 participants, and we look forward to meeting you at next year’s event.


Innovation is an opportunity for us all. Get involved, get inspired, and share your creativity.