European Economic Interest Grouping Ad-Pack

Nanoprogress, member of the National Cluster Association - CZ, established and manages the European Economic Interest Grouping Ad-Pack.

On 18th of December 2018 was officially established and registered the European Economic Interest Grouping Ad-Pack where Luboš Komárek, chairman of the Nanoprogress cluster organisation was named executive director. The grouping will provide added value services to the companies and innovation actors and integrate them to business and R&D collaboration with partners and consumers from Europe and third countries. Main objectives of this groping are the building of transparent environment for its members and other stakeholders, provide them tolls for incubation of new project ideas and business plans, trust-building and strengthening of the relationships with the European commission. Ad-Pack includes in its structure four cluster organisations and another will be entering soon where the ecosystem is going to include more than thousand European companies, technology centres, excellent research institutions and other entities.

Members of the Executive board.

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