Swedish expert Mrs Inger Danilda is preparing a training programme tailored specially for cluster coaches.

Mrs Danilda is collaborating with a range of experts to produce an e-learning course specially designed for cluster coaches. The course will be in English, making it suitable for global application, and it will share Mrs Danilda’s long-term and broad-based experience in the field of cluster coaching and training. After a pilot phase, the course will also be made available in localized versions (German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish).


If any NCA members, cluster coaches or cluster experts would like to become involved in the pilot phase testing the English-language version, you can contact Mrs Danilda direct at inger.danilda@quadruplehelix.com. Applicants will be asked for feedback on the course content and methods; those involved in the pilot phase will receive the course free of charge. Applicants wishing to become involved in the testing should have a basic knowledge of social media tools and will need to fund their own trip to Sweden. A pilot group meeting will be held in Sweden; the meeting will last two days and will require flights to Copenhagen or Malmö and two nights in a hotel.


Costs of the course (including refreshments) will be set by the organizer.